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First Choice Log Home Restoration

Keeping your log home safe and secure is our first priority. Here at First Choice Log Home Restoration, we value your trust and loyalty from the beginning to the end of your project.. Our services allow us to build and maintain your home all year around. Whether it’s your deck & railings, or the entire home, we use the best products available in the industry today.

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First Choice Services

Chinking and Caulking: We provide stellar chinking and caulking services at First Choice Log Home Restoration, to keep the interior of your home warm and secure. This service can be done during construction or years later to ensure protection and insulation, all year around. This is certainly not an area we overlook, since your safety and comfort are our first priority. We provide high quality chinking material and tools that will eliminate the possibility of cracking and splitting, keeping you sealed tight. We provide a variety of color choices to match the style you have chosen for your log home. We strive to provide a beautiful looking texture and trustworthy chinking to enhance the preservation and comfort of your home.
Media Blasting: At First Choice Log Restoration, we provide media blasting services for your log home. Media blasting is the process of stain removal. This process combines compressed air using a corn cob or glass blasting media creating a fast, efficient, and dry log stripping process. When media blasting, dry time is eliminated, and the risk of mildew and mold is reduced. This is something we take seriously, since your safety and comfort is our first priority. This environmentally friendly process, offered by First Choice Log Home Restoration, will restore your logs back to its natural color and create a clean and safe environment to apply new color.

Log repair and Replacement: Log homes can include a lot of maintenance over the years, that’s why we are here to help. If all your efforts to preserve your log home have failed and you have a rotten log—don’t worry! We are here to help repair the logs in your home, or replace them, to get your home back in great condition! We will first try log restoration, a process in which we strengthen the existing log using an epoxy filler. If necessary, we provide log replacement services that will leave your home looking fresh and brand new! At First Choice Log Home Restoration, our professionals have years of experience and will make sure your log home is properly aligned and fitted.

Staining: At First Choice Log Home Restoration, we recommend the highest quality of log home stains available. This is because staining your home is an important part of protecting your home and your investment. Here at First Choice Log Home Restoration, we value your home, your needs, and your safety first. This is why we will make sure you understand the different types of stain and quality of each. We will take all of these factors into account when determining which log home stain is the best fit for you!

Log Home Restoration Services

Fully Licensed and Insured